A family is brutally attacked on a walk in England

A family is brutally attacked on a walk in England

Dr. Lin Russell, her two daughters, Josie and Megan, and their dog, Lucy, are all brutally attacked by a man wielding a hammer on their way home to Nonington Village, Kent, England, after a swimming gala. Forcing them to sit down in the woods, the attacker blindfolded and tied up his victims with their torn towels, and then bludgeoned them one by one. Nine-year-old Josie, the sole survivor of the vicious assault, had to relearn to speak after surgeons inserted a metal plate into her head to cover the area where her skull had been smashed. Some of her brain tissue was so damaged that it had to be removed.

Finally, on July 17 of the following year, Michael Stone, who had a record of burglary and robbery, as well as a history of drug abuse and mental illness, was arrested. He had been recognized after the broadcast of aBBC television special that included his picture and description. Asked by detectives where he was on the day of the murders, Stone replied, “I can’t remember for two reasons. One, I was badly on drugs, and two, it was so long ago.”

During the trial, several witnesses testified against Stone. One maintained that the defendant’s stepfather often beat young Michael with a hammer; several prison inmates (Barry Thompson, Damien Daley, and Mark Jennings) claimed that Stone had confessed to the murders on separate occasions; and a couple, Sheree Batt and Lawrence Calder, alleged that Stone had come to their house the morning after the murders wearing blood-splattered clothing.

On October 23, 1998, the 38-year-old Stone was convicted and given a triple life sentence, despite his repeated claims of innocence. Immediately thereafter, Barry Thompson contacted a daily newspaper to retract his testimony. Based on Thompson’s admission that he lied, a Court of Appeals threw out Stone’s conviction. At a second trial, which ended in early October 2001, he was again convicted and sentenced to three life terms, which he began serving on October 5.

Despite the second conviction, there are some who still believe Stone is innocent.

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'When we had arrived [in Cork], I made a request to Lord Inchaquoin to give me a passport for England. I took boat to Youghal and then embarked on the vessel John Filmer, which set sail with 120 passengers. `But before we had lost sight of land, we were captured by Algerine pirates, who put all the men in irons.'

. the corsairs plundered British shipping pretty much at will.

So wrote the Reverend Devereux Spratt - carried off in April 1641 for several years' bondage in Algiers, while attempting a simple voyage across the Irish Sea from County Cork to England. Spratt's experience has been largely forgotten now, though it was far from unique in his day.

In the first half of the 1600s, Barbary corsairs - pirates from the Barbary Coast of North Africa, authorised by their governments to attack the shipping of Christian countries - ranged all around Britain's shores. In their lanteen-rigged xebecs (a type of ship) and oared galleys, they grabbed ships and sailors, and sold the sailors into slavery. Admiralty records show that during this time the corsairs plundered British shipping pretty much at will, taking no fewer than 466 vessels between 1609 and 1616, and 27 more vessels from near Plymouth in 1625. As 18th-century historian Joseph Morgan put it, 'this I take to be the Time when those Corsairs were in their Zenith'.

Unfortunately, it was hardly the end of them, even then. Morgan also noted that he had a '. List, printed in London in 1682' of 160 British ships captured by Algerians between 1677 and 1680. Considering what the number of sailors who were taken with each ship was likely to have been, these examples translate into a probable 7,000 to 9,000 able-bodied British men and women taken into slavery in those years.

Not content with attacking ships and sailors, the corsairs also sometimes raided coastal settlements, generally running their craft onto unguarded beaches, and creeping up on villages in the dark to snatch their victims and retreat before the alarm could be sounded. Almost all the inhabitants of the village of Baltimore, in Ireland, were taken in this way in 1631, and other attacks were launched against coastal villages in Devon and Cornwall. Samuel Pepys gives a vivid account of an encounter with two men who'd been taken into slavery, in his diary of 8 February 1661.

. during these years, Britons were enslaved all too often.

'. to the Fleece tavern to drink and there we spent till 4 a-clock telling stories of Algier and the manner of the life of Slaves there and truly, Captain Mootham and Mr Dawes (who have been both slaves there) did make me full acquainted with their condition there. As, how they eat nothing but bread and water. How they are beat upon the soles of the feet and bellies at the Liberty of their Padron. How they are all night called into their master's Bagnard, and there they lie.'

The very casualness of the account makes it clear just how commonplace unfortunates like Moontham and Dawes were in 17th-century Britain. Britons in later years have boasted that they 'never will be slaves,' but during these years they were enslaved all too often.

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Specials2August 6, 2002 ( 2002-08-06 ) September 18, 2002 ( 2002-09-18 ) Discovery Channel
18October 28, 2005 ( 2005-10-28 ) March 24, 2006 ( 2006-03-24 )
28August 10, 2006 ( 2006-08-10 ) September 28, 2006 ( 2006-09-28 )
310October 5, 2006 ( 2006-10-05 ) December 14, 2006 ( 2006-12-14 )
413August 10, 2007 ( 2007-08-10 ) November 9, 2007 ( 2007-11-09 )
510October 12, 2012 ( 2012-10-12 ) December 16, 2012 ( 2012-12-16 ) Destination America
64September 29, 2013 ( 2013-09-29 ) October 20, 2013 ( 2013-10-20 )
716August 1, 2014 ( 2014-08-01 ) January 23, 2015 ( 2015-01-23 )
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Specials (2002) Edit

In 1986, Ed and Karen Parker with their four children, Bobby, Paul, Connie, and Mark move into an old Connecticut home to be near the hospital where their teenage son, Paul receives cancer treatment. Soon after learning that their residence was once a funeral home, sons Paul and Bobby start seeing ghosts. Paul begins seeing evil entities, including four dark men and a demon called the "Man in the Suit", and his mental health worsens while his physical health begins to improve. Paul begins to spend more time alone and his behavior becomes violent and unpredictable. He writes dark, sinister poetry and even physically attacks his favorite cousin, Theresa. With his behavior becoming increasingly erratic, his parents have him committed to a mental hospital. Before his departure, Paul warns his family that once he is out of the house, the evil will begin to attack everyone else. Sure enough, once Paul is gone, the evil forces inhabiting the house turn onto the rest of the family. In desperation, the Parkers contact psychic investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren for help. An exorcism is performed which banishes the demon from the house.

In 1988, the Wyrick family moves into a new home, which was mysteriously abandoned by the previous owners. Shortly afterward, their four-year-old daughter Heidi begins spending time with an imaginary friend, a kindly old man named Mr. Gordy. Several months later, Heidi is frightened by the appearance of a man at the front door. The man, whose hand is wrapped in bandages and shirt covered in blood, introduces himself as "Con" but upon investigation, Heidi's mother is unable to find Con that she dismisses him as a figment of Heidi's imagination. However, Heidi begins to see images of "the Dark Figure", a man whose face is obscured by a hood. The family believe that there's more to the Dark Figure than just a child's active imagination, after Heidi awakens one night with claw marks on her face. Shortly after this incident, her father Andy suffers the same scratches on his side. The entire family soon grows to fear the Dark Figure, although for a long time, Heidi is the only family member who ever actually sees him.

Season 1 (2005–06) Edit

No. in
TitleOriginal air dateProd.
11"Hell House"October 28, 2005 ( 2005-10-28 ) 103
The Beckwith family shifts in a 19th century house in the 89 Buckingham Road, Seymour, Connecticut. All the family members are excited except for their oldest daughter who foresees a terrible premonition. Shortly after they moved in, they had several ghostly experiences that they call Ed and Lorraine Warren. They get to know that their house is haunted by an inhuman spirit which controls multiple spirits. After several exorcisms, the family finally gets rid of the entities. After several years, however, some developers find Indian burials near the house, leading the hauntings to start again. Nevertheless, the family who is still living in the house knows how to deal with it now.
22"The Haunting of Summerwind"November 4, 2005 ( 2005-11-04 ) 102
In the early 1970s, the Summerwind Mansion lies on the shores of West Bay Lake, Wisconsin. Arnold and Ginger Hinshaw, as well as their children move into the mansion but begin to experience unexplainable phenomena. Their lives are further complicated when Arnold becomes increasingly hostile and insane. The remaining family members are forced to leave the estate but return years later to search for the truth.
33"Echoes from the Grave"November 11, 2005 ( 2005-11-11 ) 105
In 1965, Ron and Nancy Stallings move into a spacious, older Baltimore house with their large brood. They think nothing of all the windows having been nailed shut, or that the seller says, "I hope you're good fighters." They are simply happy to have a home at an unusually low price. They soon understand the seller's fighting comment as the lights and faucets turn themselves on and off and objects move themselves around. Nancy becomes genuinely alarmed following a dream featuring an elderly woman who cackles with delight as her family tries to escape the burning house. Only with the help of a trans-medium and Nancy's brother doing some research on the house's past, the family learns the truth of the old woman's past life as a slave owner and the previous owners before them, had one or more family members die. Learning this, the family moves out of the house and never comes back.
44"Cursed"November 18, 2005 ( 2005-11-18 ) 104
Drawn to an abandoned home in Tucson, Arizona, Romie feels like she was always meant to be there. However, nightmares and reality merge, threatening her sanity and posing the fearful possibility of making contact with the other world. When a psychic goes over to investigate the house, she discovers the haunting is connected to Romie herself and causing her to confess the truth. The psychic tells her that in order to deal with it, she must face her plaguing family issues in the form of a dark spirit by seeing help with a licensed psychiatrist.
55"Darkness Follows"December 2, 2005 ( 2005-12-02 ) 106
Al, Kellie and her young daughter are drawn to a renovated Montreal townhouse. Soon after moving in, supernatural events begin with unseen footsteps being heard and the sighting of a young woman. While Al is fascinated by the phenomena, Kellie is becoming increasingly terrified. Determined to explain the events, Al and two friends, Richard, a paranormal investigator, and John, a clairvoyant, use a pendulum and makeshift Ouija board to contact the spirits. They learn that the house is not only haunted by a distraught young woman, but also the man who had murdered her following a botched abortion. The men become convinced that the key to the haunting lies buried in the basement.
66"Lake Club Horror"December 9, 2005 ( 2005-12-09 ) 101
Bill and Tom buy a former dance hall in Springfield, Illinois and, after much renovation, reopen it as a live rock 'n roll club. The customers in 1974 love the historic place but the staffers feel differently. Music seems to emanate from nowhere and chilling blasts of air frighten the owners and crew after hours. One bartender has direct contact with a threatening spirit that informs her that one of the owners is soon going to die. Through old photographs, she identifies him as a troubled former bartender who had committed suicide on the premises. Hence they call in a local psychic to help convince the bartender to cross over
77"Gateway to Hell"March 17, 2006 ( 2006-03-17 ) 107
Country musician Bobby Mackey starts his own nightclub called Bobby Mackey's Music World in an old and abandoned slaughterhouse in Wilder, Kentucky. When Bobby's wife Janet and his employee Carl are attacked by a ghost, Carl is skeptical about the incident. He soon has second thoughts when his friend Doug Hensley brings up some information regarding two male murderers who killed a woman, who was pregnant and one of the murderers' girlfriend and her remains were buried in the basement of the building.
88"The Diabolical"March 24, 2006 ( 2006-03-24 ) 108
Marie Potter, a single mother, lives with her mentally handicapped daughter, Julie, who possesses the ability to communicate with spirits. When odd occurrences begin to disturb the family, Marie's boyfriend begins using a Ouija board to contact spirits. The board inadvertently opens a connection to a demonic entity under the alias "Frank", who begins to torment the family. Despite destroying the Ouija board, the entity continues to torment them. Marie has nightmares of Frank, who is dressed in a black suit and talks with a deep, demonic voice. He says that Marie will no longer be able to protect Julie, and that she is his. He also possesses Marie's boyfriend, through which he confirms that he exists and that Julie is still no longer safe. The family contact demonologist Dave Considine, who comes to the house along with his research team and a psychic. Throughout the days, they carry out research in the house, and conclude that there is a diabolical spirit in the home, who is using Julie as a pathway to the physical world, and uses the visions and nightmares of the little boy and Frank in order to manipulate the family. The Catholic Church is contacted, and a minor exorcism is done, banishing the demonic spirit. The episode ends with the narrator noting that the family later moved out from their home and that the other evil entities still attempt to enter their lives.

Season 2 (2006) Edit

In 1980, Debbie Glatzel and Arnie Cheyenne Johnson move into a new home in Connecticut. When Debbie's 12-year-old brother David helps them with the move, he becomes the target of a demon and begins to strike at David and cause harm to the other family members. The situation gets worse as the demon would then possess David for short periods of time. The family runs to a priest and paranormal investigators for help to save David and their home.

Season 3 (2006) Edit

No. in
TitleOriginal air dateProd.
171"Fear House"October 5, 2006 ( 2006-10-05 ) 301
In Union, Missouri, single father Steven LaChance and his three kids move into a nice big house. When they become face-to-face with the supernatural, this causes them to move out. Not too long after, Steven cannot keep his mind off the property whenever he sleeps at night. In the meantime, another family has moved into the house that come across the same noises and haunting that the LaChances had to face. Steven comes to their rescue to help them before the evil that inhabits there causes any more trouble.
182"The Attic"October 12, 2006 ( 2006-10-12 ) 302
In southeastern Michigan, Selena Warner relocates into a new home where she is also able to find a new job in the meantime. Not too long later, she learns that her home is haunted by a man who died there tragically many years back. Selena and her sister believe that the ghost of the man is no danger to them, but when they are convinced that there is something evil in the house as well, they learn that there is indeed a more malevolent spirit residing there besides the ghost of the man.
193"Hidden Terror"October 19, 2006 ( 2006-10-19 ) 303
Mike Speranza and his girlfriend Lisa both move into a new home together in Corning, New York. The place is soon discovered to be haunted, with Lisa finding herself in constant great sorrow and depression that she is unable to get herself out of. Michael hears footsteps through the house and starts seeing the ghostly entities causing them. As the spirits in the house become more threatening, resulting in the couple's relationship going downhill. After Lisa leaves, Michael must decide whether he is going to fight to save his home or leave. Only after a paranormal research team in Corning makes contact with the spirits, they discover that Mike is in danger from a malevolent male spirit and he is finally convinced to move away. Afterwards the researchers theorized why he was the target of the attacks and not Lisa along with his female friend: as the male spirit had a fondness for female companionship, he thought Mike was a rival male who stood in his way and thus attacked him. Mike's former home was sold to another couple.
204"The Unleashed"October 26, 2006 ( 2006-10-26 ) 304
In 1974, Randy Ervin moves in the house in Standish, Michigan which his father has been renovating. His father discovers some Indian burials in the basement. They are recommended to be buried again and they did. Randy's grown interest in paranormal forces him to buy a book of witchcraft. He tries it but nothing happens. Little did he know that he has unleashed some malevolent spirits. His mother and little sister moves in to live with him. Several supernatural occurrences happen, and after Randy's mother has been attacked physically, they move out only to be followed by the spirits. The spirits start tormenting Randy. He is suggested to go to a lady who calms people tormented by spirits. The lady tells Randy to say the name of Jesus, but he is not able to. The spirits attack Randy, possess him and push him on wall, intending to kill him. The lady calms the spirits down by showing a crucifix. She suggests Randy and his family to go and pray at his previous house. The family gets rid of the spirits for good.
215"A Haunting in Ireland"November 2, 2006 ( 2006-11-02 ) 305
In Galway, Ireland three generations of the Fahey family share a home together that has been in the family for thirty years. When Martha Fahey gives birth to a baby girl in 1996, the family finds themselves cursed by strange noises, flying objects, exploding ornaments and mysterious orbs that are soon witnessed by neighbors, friends and family members. The Faheys fight to protect their home and are forced to call in a priest for help, but to no avail. They call in psychic Sandra Ramdhanie who performs a healing ceremony in the house. The haunting spirit turns out to be that of a baby born to a young girl who was suffocated to death by the girl's father as she was not married. Sandra's healing comes to a success and the home is cleansed of the spirit once and for all.
226"The Forgotten"November 9, 2006 ( 2006-11-09 ) 306
In 2003, April James, her two sons and her fiance Matt Brody all move into a 100-year-old home in one of Salt Lake City's charming historic districts. Matt works as a contractor and takes the opportunity to renovate the house. Unaware to the family's knowledge, the house is actually haunted. It is not until Matt comes across a very mysterious part of the house while renovating that supernatural occurrences begin to erupt and the family find themselves plagued with several ghosts. They turn out to be the spirits of several children held captive by the spirit of an evil man. When April and Matt try to fight the evil spirit, things get ugly and the family are forced to leave the house. Their only hope is a gifted psychic who uncovers the house's dark secret regarding the man when he was alive.
237"The Wheatsheaf Horror"November 16, 2006 ( 2006-11-16 ) 307
In northeastern England, the staff of the Wheatsheaf Pub, a century-old bar, soon learns that the place is haunted by the spirit of a little girl named Jessica who was killed by a man named Joseph. The current bartender and the Pub owners try to contact the girl on a Ouija board, but ends up conjuring the ghost of the girl's killer instead. The staff must now work together with the two psychic mediums to save themselves and the spirit of the young girl from the ghost killer's wrath. However when a recording of Joseph is caught threatening the life of Suzanne for her interference, it makes her more determined to save Jessica. When one of the regulars gets possessed by Joseph, the need to save him and themselves become more important. During the prayer fight between the owners, medium and the regular possessed by Joseph, the truth of how Jessica died comes to light.
248"The Possessed"November 30, 2006 ( 2006-11-30 ) 308
Paranormal investigator Mary Vogel finds herself coming across demonic forces while investigating a case. She experiences strange nightmares whenever she sleeps at night and finds her body attacked by ghosts during the day. Mary soon goes to her mentor, John Zaffis, one of the world's leading paranormal experts, to get rid of the demon from trying to take over Mary's body. During the exorcism, Zaffis uncovers the shocking identity of the demon who was possessing Mary.
259"The Presence"December 7, 2006 ( 2006-12-07 ) 309
Sarah Miller, her boyfriend and her children have moved into a haunted house. Sarah feels that something supernatural is present in the home and frightens her children at night. Her boyfriend remains skeptical of all of this, refusing to believe a ghost is haunting the house. In talking with her neighbor, she finds out that the previous tenants held black masses there. As a demonic presence tries to take control of the family, Sarah runs to a religious demonologist for help, who prepares a powerful ritual to extinguish the evil in the house for good.
2610"The Dark Side"December 14, 2006 ( 2006-12-14 ) 310
When Bobby Wilcott and his wife moves into a historical house, it soon becomes clear that it is haunted by spirits. The doors and windows are constantly opening by themselves and the electricity in the house is often not working right. After the couple tried to deny giving any supernatural explanation, Bobby soon discovers that the property was built on the ruins of an old family cemetery.

Season 4 (2007) Edit

In March 2005, Libby and Seán Johnson fix up a worn down, abandoned house in Chester, Vermont. Not too long after settling in, the family begins to hear strange noises during the night. They later realize that their presence and work around the house angered the entities inhabiting it. With nothing else to do, Libby and Seán turn to Wiccans for help. The Wiccans cross the ghosts over.

In Green Lake, Wisconsin, three young adult men head out to a cemetery near the city to investigate a legend they have heard from there. When they find themselves in the presence of spirits, they flee the cemetery. Afterwards, another group of young adults head out there after overhearing the story from the three men at a gas station and find themselves undergoing the same experience, including one of them being scratched on the arms.

Season 5 (2012) Edit

Starting with this season, the series airs on Destination America. It also features a new opening introduction and narration.

No. in
TitleOriginal air dateProd.
401"Blood Visions"October 12, 2012 ( 2012-10-12 ) 501
Betty Johnson and her family move into their new home in rural Michigan. As the Johnsons settle into their home, they start to experience strange supernatural occurrences. With that and a financial situation on their hands, the family relocates to another home hoping to leave their problems behind them. Unfortunately, when Betty's oldest child, Brinn, starts having visions of anything liquid appearing to be blood to him and is soon physically attacked, the family realizes the supernatural entity from their previous home has followed them. With the help of paranormal investigators and her family, Betty is able to clean their lives of the evil presence for good.
412"Angels and Demons"October 19, 2012 ( 2012-10-19 ) 502
Kathie Sheats, a single mother, lives in Maryland and is raising her 15-year-old son Michael. In the fall of 2010, she moves into a new home with her boyfriend Brian whom she marries over the next few months. Hoping for her life to change for the good, a demonic presence lurks inside the house and begins to terrorize the family, especially Kathie. After Kathie's psychic friend, a priest and paranormal investigator are unable to rid the home of the evil, Kathie is forced to perform an exorcism by herself. In a battle between good and evil, a guardian angel comes down and helps Kathie defeat the demon.
423"Nightmare in Bridgeport"October 26, 2012 ( 2012-10-26 ) 503
In Connecticut of 1962, Bob Baker befriends an evil entity that inhabited his parents' house. As time went on, Bob began to feel uncomfortable towards it. After finally telling it to leave him alone, he never sees it again for the rest of his childhood. Forty-years later, Bob is now a child safety specialist during the day but has a second job as a paranormal investigator at night as a result of his childhood experience. His parents still lives in the same house where he saw the entity as a child. After the death of his father, his mother starts to find herself in a strange situation with the supernatural. Colleagues and priests fail to clean the house of its evil, leaving Bob to face the demon and bring back peace into the house. They cannot get rid of the demon and the Baker's move out.
434"House Of Horrors"November 2, 2012 ( 2012-11-02 ) 504
The Spencer family buys a historic home in the state of Arkansas. The parents, Mark and Rebecca, are skeptical of the supernatural world but they soon start to experience supernatural occurrences not too long after moving in. Mark does some research and learns that the house is haunted by a previous resident named LaDell Allen Bonner who committed suicide in the master bedroom in 1949 at age 54. The Spencers remain skeptical of all of this until Rebecca sees the ghost of LaDell standing before her one day. Determined to get answers, Mark calls investigators come and help them. Along the way, he uncovers a shocking truth regarding LaDell's suicide.
445"Dark Dreams"November 9, 2012 ( 2012-11-09 ) 505
Chris Gibbons, a Michigan attorney, and his family move into a new home. Not too long after moving in, a ghost makes its presence known and nearly drives Chris insane after repeatedly messing with his dreams whenever he sleeps at night. With the help of paranormal investigators, priests, psychics and shamans, Chris tries to find a way to protect his family from the evil spirit.
456"Nightmare Upstairs"November 16, 2012 ( 2012-11-16 ) 506
The VanLandingham family with three children move into a bigger house in the small town of Wynne, Arkansas. The home is everything the family could have imagined it to be. However, that feeling soon fades after a supernatural entity physical attacks the daughters Heather and Brianna. The family contacts their pastor and a local paranormal investigator to help them but the entity turns out to be too much for them to bear. The family leaves their dream home, unable to combat the spirit that reclaims the house for itself.
467"Back from the Grave"November 23, 2012 ( 2012-11-23 ) 507
In 2008, North Carolina residents Jamie and Aaron move into a new home of their small town and are also the parents of two young children, Mason and Lacey. Jamie is a stay-at-home-mother while Aaron works late nights as a manager of a local truck company. One morning while Jamie and the kids take a walk through the neighborhood with Jamie's friend Pam, they pass through a small cemetery a few blocks from their home. While Pam decides to look around the cemetery, Mason sees the spirit of a man in a soldier uniform staring at him who had followed them back to their house later on. After Jamie finds Mason communicating with the spirit, who goes by the name of Gabel, at first she thinks it is an imaginary friend until strange occurrences begin to occur in the house. Soon, Aaron starts to notice these things too and Jamie overhears the spirit of a child laughing in her room while she is sleeping one night, revealing that Gabel was not the only spirit from the cemetery to follow the family back to the house. After more strange events take place, Jamie's friend Pam calls on a team of paranormal experts to keep the family out of harm's way.
478"The Uninvited"November 30, 2012 ( 2012-11-30 ) 508
In 2007, Lynn and Jason Ryder become the new owners of an old bar called Morries in Meriden, Connecticut. They rename it "Ryders" after renovating, and while trying to run a happy business together with the help of Lynn's father, ghostly pranks and other supernatural activities occur which affect the staff and customers. Local psychic and spiritual healer Pam Faith visits the bar and tells Lynn that there is a dangerous demon haunting the bar. Pam rids the demon with prayer.
489"The Exorcism of Cindy Sauer"December 7, 2012 ( 2012-12-07 ) 509
In Social Circle, Georgia, after her husband commits suicide, Cindy Sauer and her daughter Chassity are plagued by an evil entity. Chassity sees her dead father in the backyard and is tormented by a horrible nightmare. She believes the evil entity influenced her father's death. After several months, Cindy starts dating again and finds that her boyfriend is also interested in the paranormal. On the week of Halloween, the two of them investigate an abandoned house but they are soon driven away by a menacing figure. As they try to make their escape, Cindy is attacked by the demon and enters a state of possession. After paranormal investigators witness an attack on Cindy, they call in a priest, who performs an exorcism. The demon calls itself "Albin" and refuses to leave Cindy's body. After a series of prayers, the demon leaves temporarily. Cindy believes the ghost of her husband was trying to warn her about the evil entity. The demon is still trying to enter Cindy's life, who is trying to deal with the problem.
4910"Death's Door"December 16, 2012 ( December 16, 2012 ) 510
Victoria Dane tries to get her life back together again after accidentally having an overdose. She starts to notice unusual events going on in her home in Lafayette, Indiana that she feels it has something to do with the medication she is taking. After moving to New Mexico close to her relatives, the strange events follow her and begin to strike out at her physically. Aided by a local investigation company, Victoria comes to realize that the supernatural activity she is experiencing was conjured up from her near-death experience after overdosing. The questions remain of how she will be able to close the door to the paranormal world that has come to her attention. Paranormal investigators rid the aggressive ghost from Victoria. She will still see the other ghosts but it is better than the evil ghost that tormented her.

Season 6 (2013) Edit

No. in
TitleOriginal air date
501"Marked by Evil" [1] September 29, 2013 ( 2013-09-29 )
When Stephanie Winters rejects the advances of a friend, he steals a piece of her hair and threatens to put a spell on her. Soon after, Stephanie and her husband Nicholas are settling into their new home in Manassas, Virginia when they notice strange noises and objects moving on their own. The couple suspects they are living with a poltergeist and attempt to ignore the activity, hoping it will move on. What starts as a few broken dishes quickly escalates when the entity in their home violently scratches Stephanie and tries to choke her. They realize this is something much darker and turn to a paranormal investigator for help. As the brutal attacks on Stephanie grow more frequent, the investigator seeks out the help of a religious demonologist and the church to rid their lives of the demon bent on destroying Stephanie.
512"Well to Hell" [2] October 6, 2013 ( 2013-10-06 )
Mark Corvo returns to his childhood home, a large Colonial home in Cromwell, Connecticut To earn extra income, he decides to rent the extra rooms to tenants. Soon, tenants report unusual things happening around the house but Mark rationalizes the mysterious sounds as living in a 100-year old house. Later on, Mark notices a change in one of his favorite tenants, Ashley, and a few weeks later, Ashley has a mental breakdown and leaves the home. Mark reaches out to the Ghosts of New England Research Society for professional help. During their investigation, they discovered Ashley's dabbling in the dark arts opened a portal to the other side and drew spirits to the location. They also believe Mark is an Empath which is why he is experiencing so much activity. The team gives Mark guidance on how to deal and understand his gift. While doing repair work on his roof, Mark senses a dark presence behind him. He challenges the entity and is knocked off the roof, which nearly kills him. After recovering from his accident, Mark returns home with a renewed sense of hope. Although Mark will always have a connection with the spiritual world, he knows what will keep the activity at bay.
523"Black Magic" [3] October 13, 2013 ( 2013-10-13 )
During the renovation of her 150-year-old home near Zieglersville, Pennsylvania, Debbie Guy notices several strange occurrences lights turn on and off, doors open and close and objects move on their own. After seeing an apparition of a young girl, Debbie accepts the old house has a ghost and they will have to live with it. But when a teenage boy staying with Debbie dabbles into the occult, the paranormal activity in the house grows darker. A pastor attempts to bless the house however, the activity continues. Soon after, the teenage boy delves deeper into black magic, ultimately taking a life in a ritual and unleashing forces he cannot control. Family members are tormented, scratched and pushed by an evil entity and Debbie seeks the help of paranormal investigators who will face their toughest case yet.
534"Haunted Victorian" [4] October 20, 2013 ( 2013-10-20 )
Edwin Gonzalez and Lillian Otero believe they have found their dream home in a beautiful Victorian mansion in Gardner, MA. Soon after, however, it becomes a nightmare. After moving in, the couple begins to experience strange occurrences like mysterious footsteps, doors slamming on their own and unexplained noises. After Edwin witnesses a full-bodied apparition, he can no longer deny that their house is haunted. He reaches out to a series of paranormal investigators in the hopes that they can help. The situation becomes dire when Lillian's personality begins to shift and she becomes distant and depressed, as if being possessed by an evil spirit. She is physically attacked while sleeping and the couple tries to escape.

Season 7 (2014–15) Edit

In the summer of 2003, twelve-year-old John Drenner Jr. finds an old abandoned shack in the woods surrounding Odenton, Maryland behind his grandmother's home. During his investigation of the shack, he came upon a book that detailed dark and satanic rituals, eventually learning the area was used by devil worshipers to perform their rituals. One night, his sister Cheryl hears him chanting in an unfamiliar language and when she stops him, his nose starts bleeding. Once the children go back home to nearby Pasadena, John becomes terrorized by a demonic entity every night who is hellbent on tormenting him, the demon refers to itself as "Legion", telling him that it won't stop until he is dead. The demon attacks continue on for the next few years. By the age of nineteen, John becomes used to the attacks not knowing whom to go to for assistance with his tormentor. He goes as far as making suicide attempts to get out of it. Eventually, the demon begins to attack his girlfriend Mary with whom he had moved in with, hinting that it will kill her. John seeks help from a religious official who performs a deliverance on the young man, ridding him of the demonic attachment however he feels, one day, that the demon may return, seeking revenge.

Season 8 (2016) Edit

An eighth season of the show premiered on January 3, 2016. [5] This season also features a new opening sequence.

Disturbing footage shows London gangs filming themselves brutally beating and mugging teenagers to guard 'territory'

Disturbing footage has emerged showing young gang members enforcing their “territory” in East London, brutally beating and robbing their teenage victims.

The two videos of violent assaults were filmed and shared on social media by the offenders themselves in an increasingly brazen trend.

In one attack, believed to have been filmed last week in the Roman Road area of Tower Hamlets, the youths surround a boy and crowd him against a garage.

“What’s your f***ing name bruv?” the leader demands. “You’re not getting your phone back! Why you drinking in my area for? Who the f*** do you think you are bruv?”

The boys take his smartphone and order him to remove his watch as a girl’s voice can be heard in the background, pleading for them to stop.


“Let me f*** this pussy over,” the leader says, before repeatedly punching him in the face to shouts of “f*** him up!” from friends as blood runs down the boy's face.

The same gang filmed themselves carrying out another violent mugging along a residential street in nearby Newham, again in broad daylight.

A teenager can be seen cycling past as one of the boys says: “Obviously going to get it!”

At least six boys wearing hoodies and scarves then drag their victim off his bike and push him to the ground, punching him the face, beating him with a belt and repeatedly kicking him from all sides before fleeing with his bag.

They flee in different directions on foot and bicycles as car horns and screaming can be heard, with one passer-by rushing towards their victim as they retreat.

It comes amid local fears of a rise in gang violence and retaliation attacks, with groups attempting to violently control their perceived territory, complete with its links to drug dealing and street crime.

With the rise of social media and smartphones, teenagers are increasingly filming and distributing footage of their attacks online in attempts to intimidate rivals and increase their own credibility, with the September videos spread via WhatsApp.

Sheldon Thomas, founder of the Gangsline charity, said gangs’ use of violent footage was increasing.

A former gang member himself, Mr Thomas has seen nine of his friends murdered and now helps young people attempting to cut their ties to the scene.

“We need to ask why somebody would want to do this in the first place,” he told The Independent. “Britain is a broken country with broken families. You’ve got ill-disciplined children in homes without an authority figure, their mums might be handling three kids. They don’t see the Britain that others see, they don’t see hope – they see a Britain where their role model is a drug dealer.”

Mr Thomas said the young people are often drawn into gang culture by a combination of factors including domestic violence, emotional trauma, a lack of positive role models, coercion, unemployment and the criminality present in some of London’s most deprived estates.

“We have been talking about gangs for years and now we’ve got gangs in every borough in London,” he added.

“There has been no progress – 27,000 knife crimes last year is not making inroads. Children are carrying weapons to feel safe in their own neighbourhoods.”

Gangsline is calling on the Government to fund at least seven years of programmes - including visits to schools, prisons and affected estates by former gang members that teenagers can relate to.

Stephen Timms, the Labour MP for East Ham, told The Independent the police and local authorities were working to stop the “grim” violence shown in the videos.

“I welcome Newham Council’s current enquiry into gangs in the borough,” he said. “I hope that the result will be an effective response involving the council, the police and local voluntary agencies, so that the number of young people dragged into gang violence can be kept low.”

Gurugram: Goons enter home, brutally attack Muslim family over cricket game

A mob pelted stones at a house here and beat up member of a family, in an attack triggered by a game of cricket on Holi, police said Friday. Six people were arrested for attempt to murder.

"The incident occurred on Thursday evening at 5.00 pm when some of the victim family members, belonging to a minority community, were playing cricket outside their residence in Bhup Singh Nagar," ACP, Gurgaon, Shamsher Singh said.

The family later alleged it was a planned attack by a group of people "backed" by a Hindutva group.

The police, however, did not confirm the allegation.

A mob of about 40 people was allegedly involved in the attack on the family of three or four people in Bhondsi area, police said.

Mob lynching in broad day light.

A Muslim family is brutally attacked by goons in Bhondsi, Gurgaon, Haryana .

Dispute happened because Cricket ball hit someone ..

WARNING : Don't watch if you can't see sensitive videos. pic.twitter.com/ltslxXZmXQ

According to a victim, Shahid, six to seven drunk people asked his my family members not to play cricket on the street.

The ACP said when the family continued to play cricket, the assailants were joined by over 40 youths who attacked the family with batons, iron rods, hockey sticks, and water pipes.

In a bid to save themselves, the victims rushed into their house but some of the attackers managed to barge in and beat them. The ones who didn't enter pelted stones at the house.

They attacked Shahid with sticks and iron rods until he lost consciousness, the officer added.

Haryana: #Visuals from the residence in Gurugram that was vandalised & where the family members were beaten up on March 21. Police registered a case police said, "children of a local were playing cricket, a few men threatened them asking not to play cricket there &attacked them" pic.twitter.com/TvklDkNa9i

&mdash ANI (@ANI) March 23, 2019

The attack was captured on cellphone by one of the victims. The video clip purportedly showed women family members pleading for mercy while Shahid was being thrashed, he said.

"We have registered a case of attempt to murder and other relevant sections against the attackers at Bhondsi Police station. We have arrested six goons and efforts are on to identify others with the help of the video," the ACP said.

The victim family claimed the police took about 40 minutes to come to their rescue, though they kept calling on the help number. By then, the attackers had escaped, they claimed.

Seagulls Brutally Attack People And Terrorize Communities

Seagulls have terrorized and attacked people in ways similar to scenes taken straight out of Alfred Hitchcock's movie, The Birds. Assaults on local citizens and tourists are to the point where people are forced to stay home, as well as wear protective gear when venturing outside of their homes.

Take 70-year-old Margaret Robertson, for example. In order to protect herself from seagulls attacking her when she steps out of her home in Bearsden, the senior citizen wears a helmet and carries a four-foot stick to help ward off attacks by the plunging seabirds.

The seagull attacks in Margaret's community are so bad that some frightened residents resort to taking a taxi to simply travel 300 yards down the street.

Margaret shared her method of detracting the seagulls with the Daily Record.

According to Margaret, the seagulls started nesting in a roof at a nearby home about three years ago. Eventually, the birds started attacking families and pets that passed by the seagulls' nests.

Residents in the community installed plastic spikes on their rooftops however, the spikes did not deter the seagulls in any way, shape, or form.

Margaret added, "If you're not carrying an umbrella or anything above your head they swoop on you until you leave. They seem to be teaching their chicks to attack us because they are coming back year after year and each time they are more vicious. I've been delivering Betterware goods to those houses for 10 years and I have never seen anything like it."

Seagulls are also on the attack in Venice, Italy. The Independent reports seagulls are attacking waiters, workers, and tens of thousands of tourists who walk through the streets of the historic Italian city. The seagulls are even eating the local pigeons in St. Mark's Square.

According to the Independent, Giuseppe Cherubini, a spokesperson for Venice province, informed the local press about how the city intends to remove the seagulls' nests.

City officials are also considering introducing falcons to scare the seagulls away.

Another story involving seagull attacks comes from radio announcer Gary Robinson. Gary shared with the Daily Record his horrifying experience of an attack by a seagull while walking down Perth Road, in Dundee.

The 44-year-old elaborated further.

Gary was taken to Ninewells Hospital to be treated for his injuries.

Robinson offered the following warning.

Local authorities in Aberdeenshire prepared a leaflet, titled "Survivors Guide to Living with Urban Gulls," to help people in coastal cities take action against the attacking scavengers.

Perhaps with time, knowledge, and effort, people will find ways to tackle this growing and terrifying dilemma of the invasion of seagulls.


‘It’s no punishment at all,’ she said. ‘And for them to say they did it because they were not used to alcohol is no excuse. If they were not supposed to be drinking then they shouldn’t have been out in bars at that time of night.

‘Even after the police came and they all ran away, one of them came running back to kick me in the head one last time.

‘I honestly think they attacked me just because I am white. I can’t think of any other reason.’

Miss Page was treated for bruises and grazes after the attack in June last year as she walked to a taxi rank with boyfriend Lewis Moore, 23, in Leicester city centre.

At the time she worked caring for people with autism and learning difficulties but gave up the job after repeated absences because of stress and flashbacks.

She is still having counselling and suffers panic attacks.

She said: ‘We were just minding our own business but they kept shouting “white bitch” and “white slag” at me. When I turned around one of them grabbed my hair then threw me on the ground.

‘They were taking turns to kick me over and over. I thought they were going to kill me.’

Approach: The girls can be seen walking towards Miss Page, a care worker, 22, as she walks with her boyfriend Lewis Moore, 23, through Leicester

Yobs: Sisters Hibo and Ambaro Maxamed, both 24, who attacked Rhea. They were both given six month suspended jail sentences

Girl gang:Ayan Maxamad, 28, left, and her cousin Ifrah Nur, 28, who were also involved in the attack in Leicester

Bruised: Police picture of Rhea page's arm after the attack by the gang of Somalian girls

None of the defendants was charged with racial aggravation. Nur claimed Mr Moore, a fence builder, had been racially abusive, but this was not accepted by the prosecution.

Gary Short, mitigating for Ambaro Maxamed, said the attack was down to alcohol. He said: ‘Although Miss Page’s partner used violence, it doesn’t justify their behaviour.

‘They’re Somalian Muslims and alcohol or drugs isn’t something they’re used to.’

The four women, who all live in Leicester, were each sentenced to six-month jail terms, suspended for 12 months, at Leicester Crown Court last month.

Hibo Maxamed also received a four-month curfew between 9pm and 6am, while the others were ordered to carry out 150 hours of unpaid work.

Judge Brown said that ‘those who knock someone to the floor and kick them in the head can expect to go inside’.

But he said he accepted the women may have felt they were the victims of unreasonable force from Mr Moore as he tried to defend his girlfriend, and handed the defendants a suspended sentence.

Speaking at her home, Hibo Maxamed said: ‘I’m not proud of it, it’s not something I want to talk about. I just want to get on with my life.’

When asked if she wanted to apologise, she replied: ‘What, to the public? I really don’t care.'

Five Dogs Escape Fence and Brutally Attack Three Children in Fontana

Josie Arellano, the mother of the three children mauled by dogs .

Felony Convictions
UPDATE 02/18/11: On Thursday, a San Bernardino County jury convicted a Fontana couple whose mastiff and pit bulls seriously mauled three children a year ago. Judith Mendez Lopez, 56, and Jose Lopez Gonzales, 49, were convicted on seven felony counts of allowing vicious animals to be at large. Both face a maximum of 7-years in prison. Deputy District Attorney Kent Williams said, "We think this is a just verdict." (Kudos to Williams and jury members!)

03/23/10: Felony Charges Filed Against Dog Owners
Felony charges 1 are being filed against a couple from Fontana after their five dogs attacked a whole family, critically injuring a 5-year old girl on February 1. Lopez Gonzalez, 49, was arrested on Monday. He pleaded not guilty to seven felony counts of allowing vicious animals at large. He remains in jail, with bail set at $250,000. His wife Judith Mendez Lopez, 55, is expected to turn herself in soon. She is also expected to be charged with seven felony counts.

If convicted of all charges, the couple could get seven years behind bars. 2

02/04/10: Condition of 5-Year Old Girl Upgraded
Destiny's condition has been upgraded from critical to serious condition, but is still in a medically induced coma at Loma Linda University Children's Hospital. Family members are hopeful she'll make a complete recovery after a mauling that hospitalized three children. Dr. Jim Eguchi said, "It's too early to tell, when you're in the ICU you try not to predict things, you take it one at a time as they come along, and hopefully she makes it through."

02/03/10: Dogs' Owner "Sorry" About Triple Mauling
Fontana, CA - In yet another horrific display of criminal and unforgivable dangerous dog ownership -- where the dogs' owner might just be "ticketed" -- five dogs reportedly escaped through holes in the fence and attacked a mother and her children. In what should have been an afternoon "walk to the park," became a Freddy Krueger nightmare instead. One dog ripped a 5-year old child from her mother's arms and the other dogs attacked her two other children.

The dogs are being described as a mastiff and four pit bull-mixes.

5-year old Destiny Colon, who remains on life support at Loma Linda University Medical Center, was initially treated for broken ribs and a punctured lung. Police said the hospital called after the attack to ask if they had recovered any muscle tissue from the crime scene in hopes it could be reattached. Destiny's 6-year old brother, Hector Perez, received 235 staples to close a leg wound, and her 7-year old sister, Princess Colon, was treated for bite injuries. 3

One longtime resident said she knows the aggressiveness of these dogs well. "They would come after horses, after people. Everybody was in danger. I'm not surprised," she said. "When people have dogs that are dangerous and they can get out of the yard, what can you expect? Those people need to be stopped." Correction: The City of Fontana and/or its animal control department must also be held liable if these dogs had previous complaints against them.

According to Sgt. Jeff Decker, the dogs' owners are "very sorry" about what happened. This is a miserable response to Josie Arellano, whose one child may die and two others may suffer permanent disfiguring injury. Not to mention the foreseeable bankruptcy filing of the Arellano family due to extensive medical bills. The owners of these dogs did not choose to own poodles -- a breed with a strong safety record -- they chose to own known frankenmaulers.

  • This is the moment a group of disgruntled bowlers brutally attack an employee
  • The 28-year-old Apollo Bowling Center worker asked the men to leave for causing disorder
  • Men are seen throwing several punches at the victim and a bowling ball before stomping on his head
  • The violent incident broke out Wednesday, shortly before midnight
  • The victim was hospitalized with injuries, but will recover, police said
  • Police say they identified the suspect who initiated the assault but are working to identify the man who threw the bowling ball
  • Anyone with further information on the suspects is asked to call the Roseville Police Department at 586-447-4510

Published: 01:50 BST, 13 October 2018 | Updated: 21:54 BST, 15 October 2018

This is the horrifying moment an angry group of bowlers in Michigan are seen on surveillance brutally assaulting an employee who asked them to leave the building.

The unidentified employee from Apollo Bowling Center in Roseville had apparently asked the men, also unidentified, to depart the premises for being loud and causing disorder, police said.

That's when the violent incident broke out Wednesday shortly before midnight.

One of the men is seen throwing a hard punch at the employee from across the counter.

This is the moment a group of disgruntled bowlers brutally attack an employee who asked them to leave

The violent incident broke out Wednesday shortly before midnight

The employee attempts to fight back before he is shoved into a wall

Another man, in a white shirt, continues throwing punches at the worker's face while standing behind the counter.

The worker attempts to fight back before he is shoved into a wall as the brawl ensues.

A man, in a back shirt, picks up a chair and chucks it at the bowling alley employee as the man in white continues to sock him in the face and upper body.

The bowler in black then picked up a bowling bowl and threw it at the worker's head before he collapses to the ground.

A man, in a back shirt, picks up a chair and chucks it at the bowling alley employee as the man in white continues to sock him in the face and upper body

The bowler in black then picked up a bowling bowl and threw it at the worker's head

Police are working to identify this man pictured, who threw the bowling ball at the employee's head

Here the group is seen stomping on the victim's head before they walk off

Three men standing above him begin furiously stomping on his head before they walk off.

The 28-year-old victim was hospitalized with injuries, but will recover, police said.

Police say they know the identity of the suspect who initiated the assault, but are working to identify the man who threw the bowling ball.

Anyone with further information on the suspects is asked to call the Roseville Police Department at 586-447-4510.

A family is brutally attacked on a walk in England - HISTORY

John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum The Kennedy Family at Hyannis Port on September 4, 1931. From left to right: Robert, John, Eunice, Jean (on lap of) Joseph Sr., Rose (behind) Patricia, Kathleen, Joseph Jr. (behind) Rosemary. Dog in foreground is “Buddy.”

Though John F. Kennedy and Jackie might be the most recognizable members of the family, the Kennedys were famous long before John became president.

Their father, Joe Kennedy Sr., was a prominent businessman in Boston and his wife, Rose, was a noted philanthropist and socialite. Together they had nine children, three of whom went into politics. For the most part they lived their lives in the open, almost like America’s version of a royal family.

But, like every family, they had their secrets.

Born in 1918, Rosemary Kennedy was the third child of Joe and Rose and the first girl. During her birth, the obstetrician who was supposed to be delivering her was running late. Not wanting to deliver the baby without a doctor present, the nurse reached up into Rose’s birth canal and held the baby in place.

The actions of the nurse would have lasting consequences for Rosemary Kennedy. The lack of oxygen delivered to her brain during her birth caused lasting damage to her brain, resulting in a mental deficiency.

Though she looked like the rest of the Kennedys, with bright eyes and dark hair, her parents knew she was different right away.

As a child, Rosemary was unable to keep up with her siblings, who would often play ball in the yard, or run around the neighborhood. Her lack of inclusion often caused “fits,” which were later discovered to be seizures or episodes relating to her mental illness.

However, in the 1920s mental illness was highly stigmatized. Fearing repercussions if her daughter couldn’t keep up, Rose pulled Rosemary out of school and instead hired a tutor to teach the girl from home. Eventually, she sent her to a boarding school, in lieu of institutionalizing her.

In 1928, Joe was named an ambassador to the Court of St. James in England. The entire family moved across the Atlantic and was presented at court to the public. Despite her disabilities, Rosemary joined the family for the presentation.

Of course, no one knew the extent of her disability, as the Kennedys had worked hard to keep it quiet.

Keystone/Getty Images Rosemary, her sister Kathleen, and her mother Rose being presented to the people in London. Her family abandoned her and kept her shuttered away in institutions for the rest of her life.

In England, Rosemary gained a sense of normalcy, as she had been placed in a Catholic school run by nuns. With the time and patience to teach her, they were training her to be a teacher’s aide and she was flourishing under their guidance.

However, in 1940, when Germany marched on Paris, the Kennedys were forced back to the states, and Rosemary’s education was abandoned. Once back stateside, Rose placed Rosemary in a convent, though it didn’t last long. According to the nuns, Rosemary would sneak out at night and go to bars, meet strange men and go home with them.

At the same time, Joe was grooming his two oldest boys for a career in politics. Rose and Joe worried that Rosemary’s behavior could create a bad reputation not just for herself but for the whole family, and eagerly searched for something that would help her.

Dr. Walter Freeman was the answer.

Freeman, along with his associate Dr. James Watts had been researching a neurological procedure that was said to cure the physically and mentally disabled. The procedure? The lobotomy.

When it was first introduced, the lobotomy was hailed as a cure-all and was widely recommended by physicians. Despite the excitement, however, there were many warnings that the lobotomy, though occasionally effective, was also destructive. One woman described her daughter, a recipient, as being the same person on the outside, but like a new human on the inside.

John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum The Kennedy family, not including baby Jean.

Despite the warnings, Joe needed no convincing, as it seemed like this was the Kennedy family’s last hope. Years later, Rose would claim that she had no knowledge of the procedure until it had already happened. No one thought to ask if Rosemary had any thoughts of her own.

In 1941, when she was 23 years old, Rosemary Kennedy received a lobotomy. Two holes were drilled in her skull, through which small metal spatulas were inserted. The spatulas were used to sever the link between the pre-frontal cortex and the rest of the brain. Though it is not known whether he did so on Rosemary, Dr. Freeman would often insert an icepick through the patient’s eye to sever the link as well as the spatula.

Throughout the entire procedure, Rosemary was awake, speaking with doctors and reciting poems to nurses. They knew the procedure was over when she stopped speaking.

Immediately after the procedure, the Kennedys realized that something was wrong.

John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum John and his siblings Eunice, Joseph Jr., Rosemary, and Kathleen in a boat at Cohasset, Massachusetts, circa 1923-1924.

Rosemary could no longer speak or walk. She was moved to an institution and spent months in physical therapy before she regained movement, and even then it was only partially in one arm.

Rosemary Kennedy spent 20 years in the institution, unable to speak, walk, or see her family. It wasn’t until after Joe suffered a massive stroke that Rose went to go see her daughter again. In a panicked rage, Rosemary attacked her mother, unable to express herself any other way.

At that point, the Kennedys realized what they had done and began to champion rights for the mentally disabled.

John F. Kennedy would use his presidency to sign the Maternal and Child Health and Mental Retardation Planning Amendment to the Social Security Act, the precursor to the Americans with Disabilities Act, which his brother Ted pushed for during his time as a senator. Eunice Kennedy, JFK and Rosemary’s sister also founded the Special Olympics in 1962, to champion the achievements and abilities of the physically and mentally disabled.

After being reunited with her family, Rosemary Kennedy lived out the rest of her life in Saint Coletta’s, a residential care facility in Jefferson, Wisconsin, until her death in 2005.

After this look at the story of the Rosemary Kennedy lobotomy, check out these photos of the Kennedy family like you’ve never seen them before. Then, check out true story of the lobotomy of Frances Farmer, a once successful actress.

1 Boy Loses Arm In Pet Wolf Attack

A three-year old Washington boy had to have his arm amputated after being attacked by wolf-hybrid dogs his family had been breeding in his home.

The boy was attacked after reaching his arm into the kennel of one of the family's dogs.

The boys mother was unaware the boy was outside at that time. However, this is not the first time the dogs had attacked someone.

Animal Services and the state Department of Fish and Wildlife have since taken the two suspected wolf hybrids away from the boy's family.

Wendy Spencer runs a wolf rescue that took the dogs into custody. She stated that the dogs are, in fact, wolves and her organization has been trying to stop this family from breeding them for years without success.

"It was a time-bomb waiting to happen," said Spencer.

Since the dogs are wolves, the family will not be getting the dogs back since it is against the law to breed wolves.

Watch the video: Hero dog brutally attacked while protecting his family gets a beautiful new life. Please Share